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Superbowl Sunyay!

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Party Recap

It's Superbowl Sunday and you love to entertain. You're tasked with making meat and cheese chic, and beer beautiful, all the while showing a little team spirit. So, you ask yourself, "What would Gwyneth do?" and create the most Goop-inspired football spread the world has ever seen! And in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we're sharing the playbook...

Step One: Add a little team flair and a dash of green to a monochromic palate. We loved pairing the black and white stripes, a nod to the referee, with the football field placemats and team napkins and paper straws. We also used a chalkboard paper runner and a little chalk to chart out some plays right there on the table.

Step Two: Elevate the appetizers. We used the "Art of the Cheese Plate" to help us build cheer-worthy crudités and charcuteries. Stick football-themed toothpicks in here and there and lace up your almonds for a little extra oomph!

Step Three: Flowers CAN make football pretty. We used trophy vessels for a winning combination.

Step Four: Get creative with the desserts. We called in a Hail Mary and grabbed pre-made grasshopper pudding jars from Lemonade and stacked football cookies on top of pistachio macaroons.

Step Five: Dress the part. We threw on our favorite plaid shirts from Spritely Kids and instantly felt like we were lounging in style.

Finally, before the big game, we leave you with this: Clear vision. Full glasses. Can't lose.


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