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Super G Turns 3

Heather T By Heather T  in Birthday


Party Recap

For my little one's 3rd birthday we did a superhero training academy. I'm not one to do specific characters because it adds to the cost so we decided to have a generic superhero theme and allow the kids to become superheroes.
We served appetizers, desserts, snacks, cake & ice cream.
Kids decorated foam masks, made ID cards, played Superhero, Superhero, Villain (like Duck, Duck, Goose), completed an obstacle course and were presented with capes and certificates. Then kids saved the day by getting rid of the villain balloons who invaded the party.
After the activities we ate cake and opened gifts.
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Party Highlights

  • Budget

    All homemade (except for the printables) so it didn't cost much at all.

  • Party Favors

    Homemade capes, masks, superhero headlines, super pops


Party Helpers


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