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Sunny Day: a Sesame Street Inspired 2nd Birthday Party

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Party Recap

For my daughter's second birthday, I wanted to create a Sesame Street inspired party that still met my requirements of chic and pretty. My inspiration came from the show’s theme song: “sunny day, sweeping the clouds away…”, and I decided on a basic color palette of golden yellows, gray, and white. Inserting the characters into the decor added pops of red and blue as well.

Guests were greeted at the front door by a (fully operational) custom Callie Street lamp post. This was definitely one of our more crazy DIY party projects. I think the word my husband used when I approached him about it a week before the party was “insane”. It was completely worth it in the end though!

The photo collage in the shape of a 2 was one of my favorite details. It featured photos from my instagram feed that highlighted some of the great moments of Callie's second year.

I created Sesame Street trivia cards and placed them on the tables for the adults to flip through. They contained interesting facts about the show and also about the birthday girl. The trivia made good conversation starters for the adults that weren’t chasing after their toddlers.
We served brunch and kept the dessert table fairly simple. Funfetti and chocolate cupcakes, decorated sugar cookies, and personalized favors were just enough to make the table festive and satisfy the sweets requirement.

Despite the Sunny Day theme, the day of the party was not sunny at all. The sun never made an appearance… not even a short one. Elmo himself did make an appearance though, and that more than made up for the sun’s absence. The event was beautiful and it was a fantastic celebration of our baby girl turning 2. It was kind of magical to see it all come together and to share the day with our family and friends.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    When Elmo arrived!

  • Desserts

    Cupcakes and decorated sugar cookies

  • Party Favors

    Party favors were personalized with each child's name on their own street sign. The contained coloring books, crayons, crazy straws, whistles, a memory game, and more!

  • Activities / Games

    Sesame Street trivia, parachute games, tunnel, coloring, bubbles, etc.

  • What People Ate



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