Party Recap



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    Vanessa N wrote:

    Omygoodness this is gorgeous!! Please please can you upload captions to detail everything! I love it!

  • Melissa M

    Melissa M wrote:

    Vanessa, thank you! I am so flattered by your comment I am now fixing the captions and uploading more pictures for you and the others. =D

  • Corey  T

    Corey T wrote:

    Holy Crap! That is all I can say - just amazing!

  • Melissa M

    Melissa M wrote:

    thank you Corey!! =D

  • Jazz N

    Jazz N wrote:

    hi melissa. veeeeeeeeeeeery nice can i hire your artist? for stage backdrop? please.. im looking for an artist since renting this kind of backdrop is very expensive and im not rich as you : ( thank you. 09053403977

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    Peaches D wrote:

    how much for party package?

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    Diane P wrote:

    Do you deliver to the USA? Beautiful!

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    Aquilla J wrote:

    Wonderfully what more can i say ...