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Stewart's Willy Wonka Golden Birthday

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Party Recap

For Stewart's 5th (Golden) birthday we had a Willy Wonka Party!


Party Highlights

  • What People Drank

    What to drink? What else but Fizzy Lifting Drinks?!

  • Party Favors

    Just inside the front door was the Wonka Candy Store. Containers filled with all kinds of goodness. The children were all given a top hat (with golden ribbon trim) which at the end of the evening they would fill to the brim with all the candy they could carry.

  • The Cake

    Complete with a chocolate river and Wonka bar!

  • The Invitation

    Guests received chocolate bars with a Golden Ticket hidden inside! The kids took to heart the words printed on their tickets. When one was lost a major meltdown ensued at one house. We quickly assured the ticket holder that all was well!

  • The Decoraions

    When the ticketholders arrived at the factory gates they found plants that grew lollipops. It was just the beginning of marvelous surprises!


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