Party Recap

We were visiting friends for the St. Patty's day holiday so I brought the party with me. After setting a trap to catch a little green Leprechaun they all went to bed. In the morning they found what appeared to be a hunt for the Leprechaun Gold! After the hunt, green pancakes, bacon and muffins were the treat of the morning. Please visit the blog post for more information and credits:



Party Highlights

  • Funniest Moment

    When looking for the clues..one of the clues told them to "go where your eyes rest"...(bedroom was the answer)...my son said "Oh it's the TV - let's go to the TV" LOL

  • Party Favors

    Little black pots filled with gold goodies - made on my Silhouette Machine

  • Activities / Games

    Hunt for the Leprechaun Gold

  • What People Ate

    Green Pancakes, bacon, coffee, tea, juice and muffins


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