Party Recap



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    Jill P wrote:

    how did you make these?

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    Sherita A wrote:

    I need the backdrop and the party favor buckets

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    Alysa C wrote:

    Did you make the gift sign, or did you buy it?

  • Aditi G

    Aditi G wrote:

    hi, i need the backdrop design pls email me at aditibestpal1982@gmail.com

  • Michelle B

    Michelle B wrote:

    I would love to know where to get the backdrop or how to make it for my son's party. Michelle@cheermaniaparty.com Thanks so much

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    Ashley G wrote:

    Hi, I attempted to make the backdrop and ended up looking the dollar store style vs hobby lobby lol. Please email Me details.. thanks ! Michelle.jaylene@gmail.com

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    Ruby H wrote:

    I wanted to ask you how did you make the backdrop. My son wants a spiderman party and I fell in love with your backdrop. If you could please let me know.

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    Trina D wrote:

    Would you provide info on how you made the backdrop and party favor buckets or where they were purchased from. Thanks!

  • Psharna A

    Psharna A wrote:

    Backdrop is fab.... pls provide details. Thanks psharna@yahoo.com

  • Psharna A

    Psharna A wrote:

    Can you share how the backdrop was made. Thx. psharna@yahoo.com

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    Kathy B wrote:

    hi i would like to know where i can get that backdrop. if you couls please email me at kathy.blanco@aol.com i would really appreciate it . thank you

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    Jacqueline R wrote:

    I would like to know where can I get the backdrop and the buckets! Please email me @Jacquelineramirez1399@yahoo.com thank you!!

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    Brittney J wrote:

    Where did you purchase the backdrop?

  • Tiffany C

    Tiffany C wrote:

    would you be kind and share the materials and instructions for the spider-man backdrop? tiffanycoyle@yahoo.com Thanks! Great Job!

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    TaH wrote:

    Hello! Are you willing to share the backdrop and favor bucket info?