Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The bride... ALTHOUGH, guests had on some fabulous tea party hats!

  • Desserts

    The dessert display... mini chocolate eclair pies, mini pecan pies, mini sweet potato pies, a MAMA pecan pie (LYNSIE, YUM!), cupcakes, blueberry pound cake, sugar cookies, fudge cookies... Just too many goodies NOT to get some :)

  • Activities / Games

    1. Bridal Walk Off - each guest stomped the wedding aisle to demonstrate a diva walk appropriate for the bride. 2. Do you know it all about Ms. McCall - 10 questions about the Bride-to-Be 3. Are you an avid learner about Mr. Turner. 10 questions about the groom. Everyone answered including the bride and, if she got it wrong, she had to chew a piece of bubble gum. 3. Name that tune. I played snippets from 8 love songs and guests had to name the song and/or artist (each was a point) then, if they could SING the next line, they got 5 points. Song #9 was a line dance so everyone (for 10 points) had to get up and dance! We then had a tie for first so I played a partner dance song (R.Kelly's step in the name of love)and they danced together for their prizes...

  • Party Favors

    Small Lavender tea bags and custom polka dot tea cookies.

  • Best Moment

    When the bride announced our littlest guest won the bridal walk off... everyone was so excited and she was adorable.

  • What People Ate

    The menu consisted of southern comfort food in bite-sized portions. Fried party wings, pasta salad, chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, honey cornbread, mini macaroni and cheese and much more - YUM!

  • What People Drank

    Sweet Tea of course! Served in Mason jars with tulle tops to allow for straws without having bugs get in... The tulle was great because guests could pour right on TOP of it without having to take it off.

  • Funniest Moment

    Reminding the bride she was supposed to be judging during the dancing... she couldn't sit still!


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