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Some Bunny turns one - Emily's First Birthday

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Party Recap

When mommy Ronnel contacted me she was very, very specific about her vision for little Emily's first birthday party. The pics and the brief from Ronnel planned to the very last detail. And so our journey started. I absolutely loved the challenge and I am grateful that you allowed me to still add my creativity to it. I loved adding the little detail like the cute bunny tails on the chairs, the bunny ears in the balloon garlands and the wire bunny ears, all carefully selected by me as the final finishing touches. This theme is definitely one of my all time favorites to date. Thank you Ronnel for trusting me to make this day a memorable one. And thank you for your support. We definitely hopped, hopped, hopped away there happy bunnies.


Party Highlights

  • Party Favors

    Bunny ears and goodie bags


Party Helpers

  • Cookies and Treats by C


    Chantel made all the beautiful biscuits

  • Relestie Photogrophy


  • Little Okas Party Place



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