Party Recap

Oh how fun, it’s a Pooh themed 2nd birthday party! This was a super cute party for an adorable 2 year old girl. Mom went all out with the crepe paper and hired an amazing face painter as well. The kids had tons of fun singing and dancing the day away.

I was excited to have a vegan cupcake order for this event. I tried out a new vegan buttercream icing which was pretty divine. The non-vegan chocolate chip cupcakes seemed to be a hit as well. Smiles all around!

The Pooh paper crafts were so enjoyable to make. There were a lot of classic Pooh graphics around the web for free use. The party hat was my favorite as I love bedazzling anything I can find.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    I think the sing along, as it inspired the birthday girl to do her best dance moves!

  • Desserts

    Vegan chocolate cupcakes with vegan vanilla icing. Chocolate chip cupcakes with vanilla icing

  • Party Favors

    I made little bees out of a clothespin and lunch baggies. Just filled it with cheerios then clipped the clothespin over it!

  • Activities / Games

    Mom hired a great performer who sang with the kids, gave out instruments and also painted their faces.


Party Helpers


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