Party Recap

When I started this party planning, there was very little Skylander party stuff little out there for purchase. No plates or games, etc. So I had to get creative and make a lot of my own. Easy to do, but time consuming for this not very artistic mom.

I ordered invites from Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/listing/101578819/skylanders-birthday-invitation) and then made my own thank-you cards by printing out the Skylander logo and taping it onto the front of blank cards.

I made my own Skylander plates by buying clear plastic plates from Wal-Mart and then printing out pictures of Skylanders from http://skylanders.wikia.com/wiki/Eruptor - cutting the pictures into a circle and then gluing the pictures onto the back of the clear plates. They came out GREAT! I did the same for the dessert plates. For napkins I used regular happy birthday ones and juice boxes were just the regular ones.

I made a sign by printing out the Skylander logo from a website I don't remember and taping to another sign from another birthday and writing Welcome to Cal's party on it.

Then I had the kids play a bunch of Skylander type games I came up with - some by searching the internet and altering here and there and others I just made up (see games below).

They ate Skylander type food (see below)

The whole party was about 2 and 1/2 hours.

The kids got goody bags (see below) and the adults got chocolate wii remotes made with good chocolate as party favors.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Skylander food - pizza & pretzels

  • What People Drank

    juice boxes and water - chocolate milkshakes with dessert (my son's preference - not Skylander related)

  • Best Moment

    the kids liked squashing the sheep and the bounce pad games best

  • Desserts

    cupcakes with Skylander toppers from Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/listing/98757224/skylander-birthday-cupcake-toppers-set) I made chocolate wii remotes for the adults with good chocolate and this mold (http://www.amazon.com/CK-Products-Video-Controller-Chocolate/dp/B003QP33Q4/ref=pd_sxp_grid_pt_0_0)

  • Party Favors

    hats they decorated, water guns, balls they threw, chocolate coins they grabbed and the treats from the pinata. I made goody bags for the treats and chocolate coins out of white paper lunch bags on which I wrote their names and pasted a picture of a Skylander I printed out from the http://spyro.wikia.com site. I used 5 different Skylanders that my son chose as his favorites for the goodie bags and the plates.

  • Activities / Games

    1) Decorate your own hat because hats are important in Skylanders, they give you extra powers & protection - cut out of construction paper the following: birthday party hats (http://www.ehow.com/video_2259633_make-birthday-hat-construction-paper.html), Robin Hood hats http://www.ehow.com/video_2259632_make-paper-robin-hood-hat.html) and crowns (just cut basic crown shape) and then had kids glue on pom poms, use glitter glue, markers, etc. to decorate them. 2) Squash the sheep because sheep are annoying in Skylanders - I blew up round balloons and drew on them with Sharpies a basic sheep and then had the kids sit on them to pop them. 3) Shoot Kaos - I pasted a picture of Kaos on small water bottles and had the kids try and knock them down with water guns (like Gil Grunt). Then I had them throw balls at the same bottles and see how many they could knock down. 4) Bouncy pad for coins - I put a few chocolate coins in a small plastic ziploc bag and then tied kitchen twine into a hole I punched in the bag and then lightly taped with duct tape the twine to a long pole (to make it somewhat easy to grab the bag off the pole). Then we hung the pole over the top of the trampoline (like a big fishing rod) and had the kids (one at a time) bounce/jump to grab the bag of coins we dangled over the top of the trampoline. 5) Shark Tag - in Skylanders the sharks come after you and if they touch you, you lose health points - so we played tag where someone wore a shark hat and tried to tag the other kids and if the shark tagged someone, that kid was frozen until another kid tagged the frozen kid (like freeze tag). We rotated who the shark was. 6) Box Challenge - I got the biggest boxes I could find and then taped them on top of each other and then spray painted the boxes gray to try and match the big rocks you have to move in Skylanders. Then I had the kids try and move the "rocks" into the right position to spell the birthday boy's name. In Skylanders moving big rocks is part of the game. 7) Pinata - I got a shark pinata and filled it with treats and had the kids try and break it with a bat (sharks are bad in Skylanders and they don't yet make Skylanders pinatas).

  • Budget

    $200? Not sure exactly.



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    Sherien S wrote:

    Hi, I was wondering what kind of glue you used to stick the pictures to the clear plates?

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    Louise E wrote:

    Actually I can't remember if I used anything other than a clear drying glue stick, but I do remember someone recommending Mod Podge to me.