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Party Recap

To celebrate my sisters hens night i threw her and alice inspired party, centering around the Mad hatters Tea Party. We had an invidual mistmatched tea cup and saucer for each guest, their name attached by a cute label. Inside each cup was a short bread with "Eat Me" written on it in white chocolate. There were little bottles with cork lids filled with coloured alcohol with "Drink me" tags attached. We had oversized teapots filled with cocktails and little cocktails filled with alcohol which when combined created a new cocktail, (a tent card was placed near on the table to instruct guests on how to mix their cocktails). we had 'tea' tags danglin out of the teapots, so guests knew what was in each. Cute paper lanterns hung above the table, which was ontop of some fake grass. We adorned all the chairs with paper flowers. Lastly, we created an arched "rabbithole" for guests to enter the party through. We played pin the macho on the man, the grooms auiz and the toilet paper dress game. Time flew and everyone had a blast. We ended the night heading into town on a party bus.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Ribbon sandwiches, lots of hot yummy finger foods. Cakes, Slices, Biscuits.

  • What People Drank

    Cocktails and soft drink

  • Shilo's reaction

    When my sister arrived, she was so blown away, she became a little emotional, before she'd even walked through the rabbithole.


Party Helpers

  • LilySky Party Pieces


    LilySkyparties created all the labels, swing tags and paper products used at this party. Including very specific custom pieces such as tea bag tags, cocktail food tent cards.
    [email protected]
    0449 214 772

  • Tazza


    My friend was such a huge helper all the way through.

  • Neil Prieto


    Neil is the husband of my sisters co-worker, he came along to take some beautiful shots for us. He is a very experienced and beautiful photographer for anyone local interested check out his site.

  • Wild Sister

    Party Planner
    [email protected]


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