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Saved By the Bell Dessert Table

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Party Recap

This totally tubular and ridiculous rad dessert table was created for In Flight's One Year Anniversary! They hosted a fun competition, and I decided to put on the Ray Bans, blast a little Color Me Badd, and get my dessert table on...
THEME: Saved by the Bell DETENTION Desserts
What kid in the late 80s and early 90s didn't roll out of bed in their Ninja Turtle pajamas to catch his/her favorite Saturday morning show... Saved by the Bell?!?! Filled with comedy (aka. Samuel Schreech Powers)... and a little drama (who knew caffeine pills were so dangerous)... and EVERYTHING 90s, our friends at Bayside High School taught us about love, friendship, and how to be Cool at School! I wanted my dessert table to be all things awesome, gnarly, and totally RAD... just how Zack and the gang would do it!

Center Desk...
The center of the table became this retro television I found off of craigslist for a whopping $15. No, it doesn't work thanks to the change from analog to digital... but the static screen and knobs took me back to the good ole days. I placed Kelly 'Kup'kowski Cakes on top of the tv and topped the cupcakes with the Class of '93 photos and fondant toppers in the most awesome iconic fashion. Could that sneaker be any more amazing?! SHAAA! Orange sodas sat in front of the TV. Just because everything is cuter on sticks, I placed Schreech Pops on one side and gummy burgers on the other. The Schreech Pops were made by yours truly and displayed the multitude of faces of the sidekick that we grew to love (well, maybe not Lisa)! The gummy burgers were direct from The Max, the fav after-school hang-out/dance competition location/music video set!
Left Desk...
Placed perfectly on AC's dumbbell, Slater's Sugar Cookies showed off the famous logo, Zach's sneaker, the iconic opening credit pair of shades, a boom-box, and the Bayside logo. Go TIGERS!!! Because of Lisa's shopping habit, Miss Lisa 'Turtles' were placed atop a stack of shoe boxes. Ice-cream flavored lollipops sat in retro sundae cups in tribute of the greatest girl group at Bayside High... Hot Sundae! "Mind to it... Go for it..."
Right Desk...
Speaking of Hot Sundae, let's not forget how stressed, excited, then scared Jessie Spano got over the music video shoot, the fame of the girl group, and applying for colleges. For that reason, Jessie's Energy Pills sat on top of a large stack of textbooks. And it wasn't just the girls that had a musical hit, the boy band Zack Attack swooned almost every girl at Bayside. Zack Attack Snacks, poly bags filled with neon sour gummies, sat on a platter hoisted up with an enormous pair of sneakers (jeans tucked IN, of course)! At the end of the day... and each season... the gnarly girls and bodacious boys of Bayside taught us one thing... Friends are Forever! So grab your Buddy Band Brownie, topped with neon Nerds (another specialty by me) and chill with a pal! Just don't get caught by the princiPAL!!!!

Cookies - Casey's Confections -
Fondant toppers - Edible Details -
Location - the best school in AZ! Go Jets!
*A special thanks to my lighting, set-up, and clean-up crew! I heart you!!


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