Party Recap

This theme was so fun and interesting to design! We love so many things about it that we don't even know where to start! Firstly, there was the very cool backdrop! We love how the backdrop looked crazy and fun, and yet classy and bright at the same time. There were elements associated to the Mad Hatter on the backdrop such as a clock, teacups, a key, etc.

The desserts were carefully selected and customised to suit the theme. There were red heart cookies, colourful jellybeans in glass jars with customised "Eat Me" labels, customised lollipops, customised chocolate bars and very cute customised mineral water bottles. We even made marshmallow pops that resembled the Mad Hatter's hat! And speaking of the Mad Hatter's hat, we adore the big hat that we made from scratch and placed as a decorative prop on the table!

The wishes cards were designed to look like a deck of cards and given to the guests to write their birthday wishes to the girl of the day!

The birthday girl provided us with a great idea. She wanted her guests to have their polaroid pictures taken at the backdrop and given to them as a gift. She wanted something a little more unique than a photo sleeve, so we created a fan that she could stick the photos on and present as a gift to the guests. The fans were then placed on each table setting as part of the table decor.

We also love the crazy direction and welcome signs at the entrance that set the mood for the partee as the guests walked in. We think the Mad Hatter himself would be very proud of this tea partee!


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