Party Recap

It was my son Ricky's third birthday party. We had a farm party with a traveling zoo and a pony. Alot of the items were made by me----candy table sign, milk sign, etc. We had a tent and hung chinese lanterns in it. The tables had big stuffed ponies that i put cowboy hats on, holding balloons and a picture of my son. The frames were from the christmas tree shop. I added a paisley ribbon to stick with the cow/paisley theme. The tables also had a cowboy hat at each place setting.I bought fabric and made cow print runners and chair backs. Then I added a red sash with a pic of a cow or barn on each. I wrapped ribbons around each cup in red or black to personalize them. I found planters at the christmas tree shop and I wrapped silverwear in cow and paisley print napkins and used the planters as my silverware container. I placed flowers in cow and pig watering cans that i also purchased from christmas tree shop. Each food item was labeled with a paisley card. My candy table had jars that were decorated with either cow print ribbon or ribbon that had animals on it.


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    Pony ride and traveling farm



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    Ashley D wrote:

    Hi! Would like to know where you got the cow print chair caps from? Thank you!

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    Angela A wrote:

    Hi - I made them. They are pretty easy. I just bought the fabric and used that fabric tape. If you tape in the inside it actually looks like they have been stitched.