Red and Gold Chinese Wedding on $200 budget

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Party Recap

I had a little challenge creating this party. my clients were Chinese and had a small budget for the decorations. All for all I had about $200 to spend for their decorations. The goal was to keep their traditions without being 'cheesy' and staying on the budget. here is what I came up with.
Breakdown of the budget:
- Paper Lanterns (Paperlantern store on ebay) were actually one of the biggest expenses - $28 with shipping for 20 of them (10 red and 10 gold)
- Chair sashes. I put a chair sash only on every other chair. ($14.99 for 24 of them from ebay). :
- Cake table rosette cloth. I simply bought a yard of red rosette fabric from ebay. it cost me $10.99:
- Confetti garlands, menus, fortune cookie place cards, tags for the wishing tree - I bought 2 packs of 40 sheets paper at the AcMoore 2x$3.99.There was no cheap gold paper available, so I had to paint simple brown paper with gold paint (another $.59)
- Centerpieces. Consisted of 5 small vases from dollar tree, 5 manzanita trees I bought on local craigslist (Always a great way to find a bargain decorations. The lady also gave me some nice marbles as a bonus. Everything cost me $35). The last touch was crystals (I bought a long crystal garland for $9.99 at the florist supply shop and cut it into small pieces).
- Favor boxes - less than $5 for 50 of them from ebay
- Cardbox, vases, frames for MR and MRS sign, outside chalk board - Home goods ( bought and returned) - so total cost $0
- Cake topper - paintd letter initials and a heart (AcMoore - total cost about $2)
- Golden Runner - (I bought 3 rolls of glittered scrunch roll. Total cost - $26
- Fresh flowers and vases (2 dozen of red roses $25. Small vases were actually a part of the restaurant d├ęcor (always look for something you can reuse. It will save you lots of money)
- Wishing tree - $0 (I just picked up a few tree branches at the park and painted them with the leftovers of the paint I had)
- Champagne flutes ($1 each at the Christmas tree shop + paint (3x$1.49 - coupon)
- Misc. items - ribbons, balloons,paper for the signs, glue etc (about another $10 or so)

- Confetti garland:

- Fortune cookie place cards:


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