Raviv's Roarin' Jungle Safari 1st Birthday Party

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Party Recap

I had trouble planning my son's birthday party because it was celebrated in my birthplace (where my parents, several relatives, and many friends live) which was quite far from where we live. Moreover, I haven't even seen the venue and since it was far from the city, I had qualms about the availability of suppliers. Thus, I really had no choice but to DIY almost everything.

How did it turn out? See the complete story here: http://momsterteacher.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/ravivs-roarin-jungle-safari-first-birthday-party-part-2/

and here:



Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Chad Ching

  • Activities / Games

    parlor games, bubble show, magic show, pinata


Party Helpers

  • Mommy Dew with Lakas Angkan USM Ministry


  • KC Cakes

    Cake designer

  • Peter Miral's Group



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