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Puppy Love Get Together

Elaine H By Elaine H  in Valentine's Day


Party Recap

I wanted to have a valentine’s get together with my nephews and my pups. So I decided to do a puppy love theme. Also all coincided with the arrival of my nephew’s brand new puppy. The party theme was really perfect so I designed the puppy love theme printable set. But i did not have much time to prepare it all (a little over one week). Cause the color palette was inspired in my pup’s spots, (black and white and of curse red) I reused few items from another parties I threw long time ago (halloween fabric backdrop and black flowers, christmas runner, repainted frames, etc). I only spent on printing costs for the printable set and the ingredients of the sweets (donuts pops, marshmallows pops, velvet icing cupcakes, and popcorn). I used everything I had to create something diferent and pretty.



  • Jessica H

    Jessica H wrote:

    I love these printables! Where did you get them?

  • Elaine H

    Elaine H wrote:

    Thanks. I made them. Visit my store