Party Recap

I had so much fun creating, and styling this party for my granddaughter's 3rd Birthday! The colors we chose were pink of course, and aqua, with gold accents. I was going for a shabby chic theme with plenty of sparkle and bling, with a hint of glam! The table were draped with silk fabric, and a tutu skirt was used at the punch table. I used damask fabric for the food table, with a polka dot background. on the cake table/ royal treats I used a ruffled table skirt, that I had seen on etsy, and copied by purchasing a $20 shower curtain and cutting it in half. The fabric behind created a whimsical touch, and I just added fabric to a frame and covered the letter J I purchased at Michael's with coordinating fabric. I used crystal strands for extra sparkle, and a lot of crystal serving pieces. I got lucky on the floral centerpieces. They were my hydrangeas that were about to die, and I thought were the perfect color to go with my theme. I used fabric aroud the vases and hot glued some sparkly crowns I found on Etsy for that royal touch. We had disney princess inspired food, and even had gold fish swimming in a bowl above our "Under the Sea" food display. When the royal court arrived they began by the knights decorating shields, and the princesses making crowns to wear. They played pin the crown on the princess, and then they went in search of the "Crown Jewels!" They had a great time filling their loot bags with the treasures they found on their scavenger hunt. I will highlight on the pictures where I found all the beautiful decorations, and other must haves for the perfect Royal Celebration.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Princess Ariel- Under the Sea, goldfish crackers,tuna on crostini, madelines made to look like clams with a pearl inside. Cinderella, bibbity bobbity boo sticks ( white chocolate dipped pretzels, happily ever after cookies. Jasmine, baklava, Alibabwa suprise( shish kabob sandwich sticks). Belle, make a wish macarons, french bread pizza. Snow white- true loves first kisses, not so poison apples with caramel dip. Sleeping Beauty- white chocolate dipped oreos. ( Aurora's pillow). Cupcakes, cake, royal treats candy.

  • What People Drank

    Pinkalicious punch, mystical spring water.

  • Best Moment

    All the kids running with excitement to find the crown jewels! Jaidyn squealing in delight!!

  • Best Dressed

    Princess Jaidyn

  • Desserts

    Cake, cupcakes.

  • Party Favors

    Inflatable swords for the boys, sparkly royal sceptors for the girls. Sparkly rings, candy bracelets,rose bubbles,glow in the dark necklaces, sticker, princess tatoos, candy.

  • Activities / Games

    Pin the crown on the princess, scavenger hunt for Princess Jaidyn's lost crown jewels. Craft table to decorate shields and crowns.

  • Budget


  • Cake cancellation 1 week before party!!

    I put this as a highlight even though it felt more like a disaster at the time. I had a cake ordered that was unbelievable two months in advance. Because of an illness the party date had to be changed, and the lady that does my cakes wasn't able to do it a week sooner than planned, so plan B? I called the local cupcake shop and they were able to help me out, my dream cake...no, bu I was able to get LuluCupcake.com on Etsy to rush order me a crown and it arrived in time and made the second cake look a little more royal. It turned out that the date change was a blessing in disguise because the weather was beautiful, and not so much on the date the party was originally scheduled for and I got very sick and wouldn't have been able to style much less attend the original date! Everything happens for a reason, that is why it's a highlight.

  • Funniest Moment

    To many to mention :)

  • Most Touching Moment

    When my best friend of 40 years came to hand deliver the beautiful cookies she made for the party.


Party Helpers



  • Barbara W

    Barbara W wrote:

    Fabric was from carousel designs.

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    Elizabeh P wrote:


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    Robin H wrote:

    where did you find this carriage i have been looking everywhere for metal carriages

  • Barbara W

    Barbara W wrote:

    Ebay, search pink cinderella carriage. Good luck:)