Party Recap

My little baby girl loves Dora, that inspired tia Auri and mami to make her first birthday with Dora, including pink details in the decoration, most of it was handmade the tutu skirt for the round table, Brianna's picture banner, the backdrop for the tables, the wreath and the number one made of crepe streamer, the party printable kit took a lot of work assembling it and embellishment it. We are very happy, everything came out aDORAble, and little Bri loved it. We were so busy that we forgot display eight beautiful large pom poms we made of tissue paper.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    When Brianna enjoyed seeing the clown with the muppets show.

  • Funniest Moment

    The clown and the magic tricks.

  • Most Touching Moment

    Singing happy birthday to our little baby girl.

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday princess of course.

  • What People Ate

    Hot dogs, salad, lasagna, bread, different kind of chips, ham, cheese, fruit and popcorn.

  • What People Drank

    Sangria for adults and pink lemonade, water and sodas for kids.

  • Desserts

    Cake, cup cakes, pop cakes, covered pretzels with yogurt, chocolates, merengues, marshmallows, assorted desserts and strawberry mousse.

  • Party Favors

    A Dora pail with candies, bubbles and crayons.

  • Activities / Games

    Musical chairs, bounce houses, face painting, balloons and pinata.

  • Budget


  • Princess Brianna first birthday with Dora

    Lots of fun in Brianna's first birthday


Party Helpers

  • Juan Jose Guerrero


    The best

  • Kids Bounce 4 Fun


  • Cuties Parties


    Very cute

  • Joanns and Dollar Tree


    Fabric and material for crafts


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