Selected as Party of the Day on December 12th!

Presley’s LOL Surprise Doll Party

Bizzie Bee Creations By Bizzie Bee Creations   in Birthday


Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cake pops, mini cup cakes, cotton candy pops, Rice Krispies, decretive cookies, and candy

  • Activities / Games

    Face painting, card reader, ballon art, photo Mirror



  • Laura T

    Laura T wrote:

    Love it so much. Where did you get the LOL cut outs?

  • Ruth  M

    Ruth M wrote:

    Hi were can I find that Background??

  • no photo

    Nattaly C wrote:

    where did you get the cupcake toppers?

  • no photo

    Karmellia S wrote:

    Where did you get the big cut outs of the dolls from?

  • no photo

    Kayla R wrote:

    Hey! Would love to know where you got the cut outs

  • no photo

    Jacqueline F wrote:

    Any one know where I can find this back ground ?

  • no photo

    Lana T wrote:

    Where do we find these cutouts?

  • no photo

    Ritchell P wrote:

    Hi i was wondering where can I get the cut outs of the LOL SURPRISE DOLLS

  • Jackee W

    Jackee W wrote:

    Could you please reply to all these wonderful ladies questions.....I would love to know where y'all got this stuff from as well!

  • no photo

    Grisel M wrote:

    Very cute theme and party decorations! I was going to ask where the large cutouts are from, but see no one before me has gotten the answers. I found TurtleBiteInc on Etsy though! Thanks!

  • no photo

    Julie M wrote:

    Where did you get the cut outs? I also wanted to know where did you order those balloons from or if you have instructions on how to put together

  • no photo

    Julie M wrote:

    I also wanted to know where did you get backdrop

  • no photo

    Jen P wrote:

    Is there a reason why we can’t information on the vendors used? It’s kind of pointless to showcase parties if you won’t reveal things like that.

  • no photo

    Andrea A wrote:

    How can we purchase any of the printables?

  • no photo

    Jennifer F wrote:

    Love the back round. Where is this from ?

  • no photo

    Teresa F wrote:

    Where did you get the big cut outs of the dolls from?