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Pie Party

Leslie B By Leslie B  in Housewarming


Party Recap

My husband built this home for me and our family. We wanted to have one simple. casual. and easy night where our friends. family. and subcontractors could come over and see the new digs.

So we opted for an open house. We wanted good southern food that was causal and comforting. My mother, grandmother, and best friend helped make all of our favorite pies. coffee. sweet ice tea. and bottled cokes. (note: in the south "coke" means any kind of soda) easy.

I drew a simple map of our new home and printed them off on cardstock to give guests as they arrived since it was not possible to walk each guest through the house. This way they were able to see little details like the fan my husband so proudly picked out or the armoire that I refinished. As well as the kids rooms and dogs porch.

I asked each person to take a card stamped with "home is: " and write or draw what "home" meant to them. I then took the cards. punched holes and made a garland out of them.

It was a great night.

needless to say. the house felt quite warm...


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