Party Recap

This year we through a "surprise" birthday party for our 11 year old daughter. Super easy, inexpensive and fun birthday!
I made all the printables, cupcake stand , flip flops, etc. The hotel had a giant pool and 2 water slides! Much FUN!



  • Jeanna C

    Jeanna C wrote:

    Super cute!! I love the nutter butter flip flops! So cute!

  • Aimee B

    Aimee B wrote:

    I like the nutter butter flip flops too! What a creative idea! Everything looks so cute and well put together. Love it!

  • Corey  T

    Corey T wrote:

    very cool!

  • no photo

    Tracy W wrote:

    where did you find these hand jellies? so cute!

  • no photo

    Noel W wrote:

    Do you sell your party supplies? Would be interested in a printable package.

  • Sue P

    Sue P wrote: