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Patisserie "Sweet Baby Girl" Shower

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Party Recap

This French Patisserie themed shower celebrated everything sweet about a new baby girl; and it sure was enjoyable for me to help plan and attend.

Pâtisserie is the French word for a bakery that specializes in pastries and sweets; add coffee to that mix and you get a combination that reminds me of Angie. Let’s just say that many of our party planning meetings are over coffee and a scone, and we’re known to deliver our latest baked creations back and forth. It’s a beautiful friendship.

The beautiful banner backdrop was hand made by our friend who tied long strips of fabric to a piece of rope. We then hung it from the porch covering with string. A lot of the decorations were items we have in our homes, like the chalkboard, clock, Eiffel Tower, and fruit basket (used for croissants). Lace tablecloths gave the party a sweet vintage look, and we served coffee from beautiful antique teacups and saucers.

Another friend made all of the floral arrangements, including small vases for each of the tables and larger arrangements for the main tables serving food and drinks. Since the shower began at 7:00 p.m., the party felt more and more intimate and beautiful as we enjoyed appetizers and dessert by the light of candles and white twinkle lights.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Various cheeses and crackers, Olives, pickles, dried fruit, and nuts, Roasted tomato tarts, Croissants and baguette with chocolate almond butter and jams, and Fruit

  • What People Drank

    Champagne, Sparkling lemonade, Ice water, and Coffee (a Keurig machine with different options)

  • Desserts

    French macarons, Petits fours, Biscotti, Eclair bites, and Meringues

  • Party Favors

    A friend suggested tea as a favor, so I found some excellent flavors on I am now addicted to Harney and Son’s Vanilla Comoro, Paris, and Mother’s Bouquet – three very different but delicious flavors. It was such a treat to enjoy these after the shower.

  • Activities / Games

    "Wishes for Baby" cards were passed out to all of the guests so they could write sweet, thoughtful notes for Angie to keep. It was precious to hear some of these thoughts while read aloud and fun also for the mom-to-be to refer back to down the road.


Party Helpers


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