Party Recap

My boys requested an end of the year casual Summer party with a twist - to celebrate their love of the Presidents and presidential history. They each invited three friends so we had 8 boys over for 4 hours. We started with some photo booth fun and then moved on to some fantastic trivia about all things presidential. Then we enjoyed a simple dinner in the dining room followed by a movie showing in the man cave of "First Kid" - very age appropriate for the boys. I served popcorn and presidential themed treats during the movie. Then we ate cupcakes and took a quick ride on the golf cart. A really fun way to celebrate the end of the Summer and a party they will all remember for years to come!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Bill Clinton's Bubba Burgers, FDR's Hot Dogs, potato chips

  • What People Drank

    Richard Nixon Watergate, Barack Obama's Hawaiian Punch

  • Desserts

    Presidential Cupcakes, Ronald Reagan's Jellybeans, Abraham Lincoln Logs (tootsie rolls), twizzlers, popcorn, Jimmy Carter Peanuts (circus peanuts), mints, Theodore Roosevelt's Teddy Grahams

  • Activities / Games

    Presidential Trivia, "First Kid" movie screening


Party Helpers


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