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Budget-Friendly Tips from the Party Planner.....

Buy things you can use again! I purchased a wood background and I will paint over it for every party. It’s a perfect backdrop and very cheap (It cost $13 and paint costs about $6 each time I repaint it).

Look for bargains! I signed up for Pick Your Plum a while ago and they have some of the cutest party stuff that goes on sale for 60% off. That’s where I bought the cake stands (which is also re-usable!) for only $7.

DIY Food! I made the owl pretzels, cupcakes and oreo pops myself. Everything was about $15 and these treats were super easy.

Use Party Printables! I probably say this a lot…but party printables are the cheapest way to dress up a party. It’s all DIY and once you build up your party tools, it will be cheap and easy!


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Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    owl pretzels, cupcakes and oreo pops


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