Party Recap

Out of This World Party!. Last November we had the pleasure to style a "spectacular" party, my son's Mathias 2nd birthday. He really is a unique boy and we wanted to do something as special as he is. The party was in my backyard and we decided to use a big tent to recreate the space with balloons. The result was amazing!, the people of Pop of Color Balloons help us with the idea. We wanted a huge astronaut made with balloons hanging from the tent and at the end this was the mayor attraction of the party.
As a main table we used four plints that gave us a modern and clean look, with a big telescope on the side. Other project of this party that we loved it was the kid's tables, we used a ganging planets hanging on the middle and they really look cool with a personalized placemats.
Definitely Out of This World!.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Homemade roast beef sandwich with chimicurri.

  • What People Drank


  • Desserts

    Cakepops, cookies, lemon crust

  • Party Favors

    Outer space toys, rockets

  • Activities / Games



Party Helpers

  • Pop of Color Baloons



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