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Our Little Princess is turning 3!

Lisa  K By Lisa K  in Birthday


Party Recap

What a year it has been...

We started on this years birthday party back in March, and spent the year dreaming up ideas, creating lots of fun props and of course buying everything on sale! Luckily we started early as this year brought us a lot to do - selling a house, moving, buying a new house etc. Had we not started early this party never would have happened...and without the love and support of my parents (Nana & Fapa) this party never would have come to life. Thank you for being just as crazy as me!!

My daughter is so into Cinderella aka Lala, so we decided to plan her birthday around her favorite Princess. At first I wasn't excited about the pale blue and pastel pink colors typically used for a Cinderella themed party, especially since I LOVE COLOR! So it took some time to come up with the vision and color theme.

We ended up showcasing both parts of Cinderella's life, the "Before the Ball" as well as the "After the Ball." With this in mind we were able to incorporate burlap, orange, and the rustic side of Cinderella being a housemaid. We then glammed it up for the other décor and used bright pinks and blues and tied the whole thing together with glitter and gold!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Sandwiches, Fruit Wands, Pasta Salad, Chips

  • What People Drank

    Princess Punch, Water, Juice, Sodas

  • Desserts

    Cake, Marshmallow Pops, Sugar Cones dipped in Chocolate, Chocolate covered Oreos, Chocolate covered Pretzels

  • Party Favors

    Boys - Prince Boxes filled with Bubbles, Candy, a sword Girls - Princess Purses filled with Bubbles, Candy, a Wand and a Crown.

  • Activities / Games

    There was a nearby park to play at, and Cinderella came for story time, face painting and pictures.


Party Helpers



  • Amy C

    Amy C wrote:

    Beautiful party! Are you selling any of the decor? Do you mind sharing how you made the once upon a time sign/banner and the round tissue paper castle toppers? Thanks so much!!

  • Lisa  K

    Lisa K wrote:

    Hi Amy. I don't see any of the décor yet...I'm working on that. 1. Once upon a time: It was cut out of 3 large pieces of black core board, purchased from Hobby Lobby. I just sketched by hand and cut it with a serrated knife. Once cut we painted it with Moge Podge so the paper wouldn't wrinkle when painted. We then chose a pink paint with glitter and painted all 3 pieces. We painted the shaded parts in a grey color so it looks like it's waiving. Once dry I glued the 3 pieces together. The letters are wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and painted in a white and covered with glitter. 2. Tower Tops: These were tricky. We ended up making them out of poster board. We took 2 pieces of poser board and cut large equal size triangles out. Once cut out I taped them next to each other to form a large circle. I then made a cone out of it and stapled it together. For the fringe it was all sheets of tissue paper. You can buy large amounts of tissue paper in every color on Etsy. I folded the tissue paper in half and cut out small brick like shapes, then cut the fringe on them. I made lots of them ahead of time. I then glued them on with hot glue, starting at the bottom and worked my way up to the top of the cone. The top flags were just small dowel rods painted in Gold and the flags I found at Hobby Lobby, and cut out Crowns on our cricut cutter and glued them on. I think that was everything. Please let me know if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help and share my tricks. Thanks, Lisa with

  • Amy C

    Amy C wrote:

    Thank you SO so much!!! My daughters 3rd birthday party will be in June so let me know if you do decide to sale any items! Thank you again for sharing your tips!!!!

  • no photo

    Kayla S wrote:

    Hi Lisa! What kind of paper and color did you modge podge to the board after cutting? Working on this for my daughters 5th that is coming up! Thanks so much!

  • Lisa  K

    Lisa K wrote:

    Hi Kayla, What board are you referring to, the Once Upon A Time one? If so, we just coated the core board with moge podge glue first. No paper. Coating it will keep it from curling and warping when painting it. Hope that helps. If not, let me know. Thanks, Lisa

  • no photo

    Megan C wrote:

    Hello. How did you make the castle that was hanging? It was the blue castle that was hanging outside on a gold stand. It was just the outline of the castle.. Thanks!!!

  • Lisa  K

    Lisa K wrote:

    Hi Megan. The castle backdrop was painted on canvas. I bought 3 yards of Canvas/duck cloth from my local fabric store (Hobby Lobby). The first thing we did was sew a small casing at the top like a curtain to slide over the post to hang. We then painted the entire canvas the light blue. Next I looked up the Cinderella castle and did my best to sketch it out. I then painted the castle the darker blue, added a few highlights and did a thin layer of silver glitter over top to give a little sparkle. The stand is made out of PVC pipe from the hardware store. There are lots of different ways to make a stand with PVC pipe, it just depends on what size you want your stand. You can find different patterns on Pinterest too with exact measurements. Once we had the stand together we painted it gold so it wasn't the ugly white pipe. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Lisa

  • Jennifer P

    Jennifer P wrote:

    Where did you find the burlap runner? TIA

  • Lisa  K

    Lisa K wrote:

    Hi Jennifer, The burlap runners (both the Polka Dot and the Vintage Dress) were just yards of burlap right off the rack at my local Hobby Lobby. I bought 3 yards of each and just hung them over the middle of the tables. We didn't do anything to it, other than give it a fresh trim across the front so it was straight. It's an easy way to make for a fun party table. Hope that helps, any other questions please let me know. Thanks, Lisa

  • no photo

    Catherine F wrote:

    Hi Lisa. Are you selling the banner?