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Our little cowgirl turns 4!

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Party Recap

Well giddy on up and mosey on down the birthday girl has come to town!
We had a great time with this western cowgirl party for our 4 year old daughter Kaitlyn. We had a real cowgirl party complete with a pony for her little friends to ride. The guests enjoyed some country BBQ aka "cowgirl cocktails" and some pink lemonade in mason jars could be found at the watering trough.This was such a fun party to create and it really turned out beyond my expectations. I hope you enjoy!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Our little cowgirl of course! Kaitlyn's cowgirl outfit was made using fabric scraps for her skirt. I just took some elastic and tied fabric scraps onto the waistline. I layered it with her bright pink tutu. I had her shirt made here in Tallahassee at Bela Lili It was a perfect touch for her party!

  • Desserts

    For dessert we had an amazing strawberry cake designed by Marilyn Gingerich my favorite local Tallahassee Cake decorator. Her cakes taste amazing and look beautiful. She took the invites I designed and created a tasty masterpiece that matched perfectly. For the cake topper we found a number 4 at our local Hobby lobby for just a few dollars and I used twine to wrap around it to give it a more rustic feel.

  • Activities / Games

    For entertainment at our cowgirl party what else could we do but bring in our own little pony for our little friends to enjoy. The kids had a blast taking turns riding him all around the backyard. The kids also had the run of the backyard, they enjoyed our swingset and play fort area.

  • Party Favors

    For favors I used iced flower cookies on a stick. I found these at my local Dollar tree....yes your heard me my Dollar tree. I took them out of the package and added them to my own cellophane treat bag. I added some ribbon and a custom Thank you tag. They were very delicious and the best part they were only $1!

  • Best Moment

    Watching my daughter enjoy the pony and play with her friends.....when I tucked her in bed that night she said to me, "mama this was the best day of my whole life!" It made my heart melt.

  • What People Ate

    We had a southern favorite Cowgirl cocktails, a small styrofoam cup filled with baked beans, cole slaw, and topped with smoked pulled pork....yum yum yum! My mouth is watering already. To add a special touch I placed round labels onto the cups. Small paper bags were the perfect fit for our mini grilled cheese star sandwiches. They are so easy to make and are a great crowd pleaser for the little ones. Just take white bread and add your favorite sliced cheese. Use a star cookie cutter to cut out a star. Places on a panini press for just a few seconds and then place in bags, add a sticker for a special added touch.I used individual cups ( found at walmart for just 2.59) for the Ranch dressing. Small slices of carrots, zucchini, and squash were placed in pink and brown polka dot cups. I also found these at walmart, they were perfect for our decor. What's a cowgirl party without S'mores. These were a definite hit with the kiddos. Just take a strawberry marshmallow and place on a graham cracker, heat in the microwave for a few seconds. Add a graham cracker top, dip into melted chocolate and add your favorite colored sprinkles. These are a great no mess solution to making s'mores....they will definitely leave your little cowgirls & cowboys wanting some more! We also had old fashioned Rock candy, chocolate twizzlers (cowgirl ropes), pretzel sticks (hay) and strawberry marshmallow pops that were dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

  • What People Drank

    I served root beer with custom labels, as well as pink lemonade in mason jars with fresh lemon slices. We also had some fruit water (pear and strawberry). Large Glass mason jar drink dispensers were the perfect touch for this western themed party.

  • Most Touching Moment

    When I tucked her in bed that night after the party she said to me, "mama this was the best day of my whole life!" It made my heart melt.

  • Funniest Moment

    Watching my 1 year old son ride the pony he didn't quite know what to think at first. But he quickly decided he loved it, watching his facial expressions was hysterical!


Party Helpers



  • Catrina W

    Catrina W wrote:

    I see you had many children at this party. How many ponies did you have and how long. I am getting a pony for my daughters 4th. We will have 17 kids and I am trying to decide one pony or two. The pony will only be here for one hour.

  • Marcy G

    Marcy G wrote:

    We only had 1 and they were here for a little over an hour. Most of the kids played on our playground or around the yard. We never had any lines for the pony and everyone got to ride more than once. All in all it was a lot of fun for the kids, they loved the pony :)

  • Catrina W

    Catrina W wrote:

    I am having 20 kids for a party soon. How many ponies should I get? I am sure my two daughters will want to ride awhile. The pony will only be here one hour.

  • Marcy G

    Marcy G wrote:

    I would get two then :)

  • Marcela D

    Marcela D wrote:

    Please lead me to this theme, my daughter loves it, i would like to get everything but i cant find it

  • Marcy G

    Marcy G wrote:

    you can find my designs at or

  • Barbara W

    Barbara W wrote:

    Cute! Where did you get the stickers, and ranch dip containers?

  • Marcy G

    Marcy G wrote:

    I design them my store is I can set you u with a custom listing for those they are $5 for the design (you print at home) The cups came from walmart :)

  • Maria M

    Maria M wrote:

    Absolutely adorable! Good job!

  • Shana M

    Shana M wrote:

    Where did you find her shirt?