Party Recap



  • Cynthia M

    Cynthia M wrote:

    Wow! Great cake!

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    Deb C wrote:

    I have to know how were those cups done? Was it free hand ? Are they done with paint or stickers?

  • no photo

    Yvette F wrote:

    I used paint markers on the cups. The Iron Man mask was drawn free-hand, I cut out a stencil for the Wolverine and Captain America star

  • Cynthia M

    Cynthia M wrote:

    Gorgeous cake!

  • Tj P

    Tj P wrote:

    Where did you get the cups from? That is such a cool party favor

  • no photo

    Julie G wrote:

    Where are those amazing cups from? Thanks in advance!

  • Yvette L

    Yvette L wrote:

    Julie g, I made them. I first drew a stencil free hand and then used paint markers to place design on cups

  • no photo

    Kimone C wrote:

    Hi, Where can i get those cups please.