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Olivia's Teddy Bears' Picnic 1st Birthday Party

Melissa R By Melissa R  in Birthday


Party Recap

The only way I brainwashed myself to cope with the fact that my little baby was officially turning ONE, was to focus all my energy towards throwing her an amazing 1st birthday party! Ok, I was still super emotional every time I really thought about it, but it definitely helped some!

This may be my favorite party that I've planned yet! I had a lot of time (more than usual) to plan this party so I took my time thinking of each and every detail, finding coupons and creating DIY alternatives. The theme selection was taken into great consideration. I wanted something gender neutral (because the ratio of boys to girls in our group is totally unbalanced), something baby-ish (because she will have many years to come to choose her own birthday themes), and something outdoors to be able to give the bigger kids playground options. Once I came across the Teddy Bears' Picnic theme on Pinterest, I knew it was perfect! I loved the book and song when I was a little girl so it's probably safe to say that I'm reliving my childhood a little. :)

I couldn't really find any cute graphics that went with the image I had in my mind, so I just created it all. This theme I designed has more of a modern feel and is bright and colorful--the opposite of what I found online. I'm not hogging them all to myself--These party items are available at my Etsy shop for other mommies out there who are just as picky as me! If there’s something you like that’s not listed in the shop, just send me a message!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Food Truck burgers and sandwiches

  • What People Drank

    Sodas, waters and juices

  • Desserts

    Cake, cake pops, cupcakes, Teddy Grahams, cotton candy and more!

  • Party Favors

    We had a Teddy Bear Workshop (DIY version of Build a Bear)! I bought unstuffed bears, and the kids got to stuff their own and take them home. Bears came with party hats, hearts, birth certificates, and house bags.

  • Activities / Games

    The Arts & Crafts area had coloring pages and bear masks to color and wear!



  • no photo

    Brandis D wrote:

    So cute! How'd you make the backdrop?

  • Melissa R

    Melissa R wrote:

    Thanks! I had a vinyl banner printed at I created the artwork for it. Check out my Etsy shop for other related items :)

  • Carla L

    Carla L wrote:

    Hi Melissa Where did you get your gingham picnic rugs from? I cannot find any anywhere. Thank you

  • Melissa R

    Melissa R wrote:

    If you're referring to the picnic blankets on the lawn, I got them at the dollar store. They are vinyl tablecloths. Thanks!

  • no photo

    Vanessa L wrote:

    Love all the details, where did you find the unstuffed bears?

  • Victoria S

    Victoria S wrote:

    I would love to know where you got the bear skins. I've been looking everywhere for some. Thanks !

  • Melissa R

    Melissa R wrote:

    I believe I got the bear skins from or

  • Heather A

    Heather A wrote:

    You did such a great job!!! So cute! Thanks for all the tips! I know you said for the blankets on the lawn you bought dollar store table cloths how did you keep them from flying up with the wind on the sides?

  • Melissa R

    Melissa R wrote:

    Thank you!! I live in Miami so in September there is no wind! Lol but since they're vinyl you can probably puncture a hole in it and nail down to the dirt.

  • Heather A

    Heather A wrote:

    Thanks so much for your help!!!