Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Since we had so many goodies to choose from, I provided pink sparkle Chinese food cartons that had a tag with each girls name on it. This way they could put their leftovers in it and fill it up with more treats before heading home!

  • Activities / Games

    We had a princess vanity set up as the "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique" and each girl was given the option of having her hair and nails done if she wished. We decorated picture frames in the shapes of teapots, castles and princesses. The girls also danced to Disney princess music in the "ballroom" (the living room).

  • Party Favors

    Each little girl was given a princess favor bag made by my mother and me. They are little tote bags (from Hobby Lobby) with tulle and ribbon sewn on to look like each of the princess' dresses. Inside were little tins of pink and purple M&Ms, teapot lollipops, teapot stickers, princess nail polish & lip gloss, a princess bracelet, and a matching princess barrette made by my sister. Each girl also took home a "Fairy Godmother Wand" and a fabric crown that was made by my mother and me.

  • What People Ate

    I chose something to represent each of the 10 Disney Princesses for the buffet table. Cinderella: Pumpkin Coaches Snow White: Poison Apples (sliced apples dipped in chocolate and sugar sprinkles) Belle: Sugared Roses (cream cheese mints) Jasmine: Candy Jewels (homemade hard candy) Pocahontas: Trail Mix (cake batter puppy chow) Mulan: Fortune Cookies (dipped in chocolate) Ariel: Maiden Mermaid Salad Aurora: Princess Cake Pops Tiana: King Cake Knots Rapunzel: Tangled Hair (Persian Fairy Floss) We also served various candies and desserts such as Honey Dough Sugar Cookies in the shapes of crowns and teapots, pink and purple gum balls, pink and purple rock candy, pink sugar wafers, pink and purple taffy, chocolate covered oreos, popcorn in grape, cotton candy & strawberry cheesecake flavors, and "tea sandwiches."

  • What People Drank

    "Mystical Spring Water" "Princess Tea" (Raspberry Lemonade) "Iced Tea with Lemon"

  • Party Decorations

    12 little girls were invited, so I set up two children's tables that sat 6 girls each. The chairs were rented from a local vendor and covered with tulle. A grass placemat was in the center of each table with a teapot used as a vase for flowers. For placemats, I used round scalloped scrapbook paper (Archivers), then placed the solid pink plate and the fabric crown. Each girl also drank from a real antique teacup with matching saucer. Above the tables were the paper tea lanterns made from scrapbook paper and the homemade fabric banner. The green cabinet is a piece that is used in my daughter's room, as were all the signs, pictures and castle. I hung a paper birthday banner that read "Be Our Guest" in the living room window which served as the "ballroom" and "boutique" and a paper banner that read "Once Upon a Dream" hung in the dining room window where the tea party was held.


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