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Nie Nie's "My Little Pony Party"

Kiki's C By Kiki's C  in Birthday


Party Recap

When you entered Ponyville, the main attraction was the dessert table, where "Fluttershy" aka mommy baked all the cupcakes, cake pops and the spectacular Twilight Sparkle -3 tier cake with homemade buttercream frosting on the outside and pastel layered cake on the inside (strawberry, light pink and lavender cakes) with the buttercream in between. There were also Pink and White Whirly Pops, Pink and Purple Crystal Candy and Berry Burst Oreos in addition to "mixed berry" fruit cups and of course Pretty Pink Lemonade with pink and hotpink striped straws. Next to the main table was Pinkie Pie's "Sugarcube Corner", where all the little ponies could decorate mini cupcakes and sugar cookies with pink and purple frosting and the sprinkles of their choice!!! Twilight Sparkle aka Nie Nie was the birthday girl, turning a fabulous four and had a fabulous time entertaining all of her pony friends! They had a chance to "shop" at Rarity's Carousel Boutique, complete with tutus, colorful clip-on hair extensions, rare rarity approved blue "gem" or "crystal" necklaces ;), (heck...they look like real diamonds around the main blue "crystal"!) lol...cute rings, bracelets and of course mini tiaras and crowns for all of the little ponies...They also had a chance to get their nails painted with regular or glow in the dark nail polish or their faces painted with cutie marks at Princess Cadence's "Pony Tales" Salon also complete with braided color hair extensions and pony "tails" :) The "real" Ponies arrived about 30 minutes after the party started, which was amazing at "Fluttershy's Fillies" "station" and oh so much fun to pet, brush, and pamper with pretty bows and barrettes for the ponies. The guests had a chance to ride the buggy in groups of three and also "saddle up" and ride the ponies one by one. We also had Rainbow Dashes "Romping Room" aka bounce house and simply ran out of time during the 2 hour party for Apple Jack's Limbo Challenge and Pinkie Pie's Pin the Cutie Mark on the Pinkie Pie game. But there's always next time or a pony scheduled play date! :) Hope you enjoyed!!!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    3 Tier - Five layer pastel cake (strawberry, lavender, and light pink cakes) with butter cream frosting, cupcakes (strawberry and vanilla with buttercream frosting) cake pops, berry burst ice cream flavor oreos, pink and white whirly pops, crystal candy, mixed berries, and pink lemonade, decorate your own mini cupcakes and sugar cookies

  • Party Favors

    Hot Pink, Pink, Aqua, Lavender, Midnight Blue and Dark Purple Tutus, Dark Blue "crystal" necklaces surrounded by "white diamonds"...yeah i wish! crowns, tiaras, rings, bracelets, princess wands and colored hair extensions

  • Activities / Games

    "Fluttershy's Fillies" "station" with Real pony rides, buggy ride, brushing and petting the ponies, putting bows in the ponies hair, Princess Cadence's "Pony Tales" Salon with hair extensions, face painting and nail painting, Rainbow Dashes "Romping Room" aka bounce house, Rarity's Carousel Boutique for "shopping" Pinkie Pie's "Sugarcube Corner" for decorating baked goods, we didn't get to but planned on Apple Jack's Limbo Contest and Pinkie Pie's Pin the cutie mark on the Pinkie Pie

  • What People Ate

    Corn Dogs, Pasta Salad, Fruit Tray, Vege Tray, Chex Mix and Gold Fish

  • What People Drank

    Sweet Tea, Lemonade, Water, Pink Lemonade

  • Best Moment

    When the Dessert Table was complete! It looked awesome! and when the ponies came...they were so adorable!!!

  • Most Touching Moment

    All of the girls playing and taking pictures together


Party Helpers



  • Suzie R

    Suzie R wrote:

    Wow! GREAT job! Everything looks PONYrific! So bummed we missed it. I'm sure your guests had a blast and the bday girl must have been thrilled. Beautiful party for a beautiful little girl :-)

  • no photo

    Amanda M wrote:

    Where did you get your printables? They are great!

  • Kiki's C

    Kiki's C wrote:

    Thanks! The cupcake toppers were simply a "headshot" of twilight sparkle from google images printed as a contact sheet, giving me multiple images and cut out, double stick taped to the toothpick and backed by a circle cut out I made using a plastic bottle cap as a guide and traced onto 99 cent hot pink wrapping paper from the party store. The food tent cards were actually twilight sparkle invites from Party City, printed down to 2x3 and folded over as cards. The large posters you see in the back can also be found at Party City and many other online retailers. For the whirly pops, I used the same picture of Twilight Sparkle as the cupcake toppers cut out, just a tad bigger and no hot pink background, double stick taped to the pop. For the fruit cups, I used Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark. My main image on the table was a print of Twilight Sparkle from