Party Recap

My son is obsessed with football, so I knew his party would have some sort of football theme. Last year was Dallas Cowboys. This year he wanted NFL.

While they do sell party supplies for the NFL teams, he wanted a lot of teams, and we are on a budget. So we decided on brown & green for our colors. I paper pieced footballs from cardstock, and printed the wording, which I glued on the other side.

Since his birthday was around the time football started back up, I found several football themed snacks, including football shaped Oreos & pretzels, and Ritz crackers with footballs on them. I covered the Oreos in chocolate and piped the laces on with white chocolate. We also had potato chips, molded football chocolates and a chip & dip stadium! We fashioned a stadium from cardboard and covered it with foil. It held tortilla chips and plain chips and in the center we had salsa and ranch dip.

Instead of a cake, we decided on cupcakes. I ordered some brown wrappers and some printable NFL logos. I made cupcake toppers with the printables and I dyed the cake batter to match each teams logo. The cake inside matched the topper on top. I frosted them green with a grass tip. The candles for his cake were black & white striped, which reminded me of the refs jerseys. I molded ice cream into silicone football molds to make serving easier.

All the decorations and paper supplies were green, brown or white. We did solid plates and cups. He had a plastic football bank which I used to hold green & clear straws, and I found football shaped can koozies at the thrift, which held forks and spoons. We made mini goal posts and spray painted them yellow, they sat on the table. We also made larger ones for the football field.

For activities we had set up an obstacle course, similar to what they do at camp or practice. We had cones, a ladder, hurdles, poles and even a tackling dummy. But my husband also painted lines out in our large field, so that's where the boys spent the entire day.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cupcakes, ice cream

  • Activities / Games

    Played football

  • Party Favors

    Green notebooks with brown & green candy

  • Best Moment

    Football in the rain!

  • What People Ate

    Pizza, chips, crackers, chocolates, chocolate covered Oreos

  • What People Drank

    Soda, water



  • Debra B

    Debra B wrote:

    love the cupcake flags where do you get these?

  • no photo

    Wendy B wrote:

    Thanks! The seller isn't registered anymore - but I ordered the images on Etsy.