Party Recap

My son really wanted a Ben 10 party. I like to have an adventure party where all the kids earn prizes rather than party games with only one winner.

I watched a little Ben 10 with my son and came up with an awesome adventure where he and his friends had to stop an alien invasion.

Unfortunately, it was pouring with rain on the day of his party! But given the excessive rain we'd be having, I planned around this and organised a marquee to put up in the backyard so we could still do the activities.

The kids had an absolute ball!!!!


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    The food fight for the Alien invasion

  • Funniest Moment

    When the pinata fell off the rope after a few hits and I was left holding the pinata (and flinching) everytime a child swung at me!

  • Most Touching Moment

    The squeals of delight throughtout the adventure!

  • Best Dressed

    They all looked fabulous in their special shirts!



  • Paola H

    Paola H wrote:

    Awesome party! I'd love to know how to do the face in the cartoon pics for the shirts and favors. Can you please message me? Thank you! P. Harris

  • Leanne N

    Leanne N wrote:

    I used Photoshop to do it. I basically just found a picture on the Internet and used the eraser tool to get rid of the face, then I found a pretty front on facial shot of all the kids - Facebook is good for that - and put the layer behind the cartoon pic in Photoshop and resized it until the face fit the space that was where the cartoon face had been.

  • no photo

    Johana M wrote:

    You made these yourself??

  • no photo

    Johana M wrote:

    Where did you get this??