Party Recap

For my daughter's 5th Birthday we had a My Little Pony theme party. We decorated with pastel colors (mostly pink) and to make things simple, ordered pizza for everyone (party was from 11am to 1pm) and had a bunch of extra food/snacks. The kids played inside, watched a My Little Pony movie I had playing on the tv, and also played outside...


Party Highlights

  • Desserts


  • Activities / Games

    coloring, playing, pin the "cutie mark" on the pony, pinata

  • Party Favors

    My Little Ponys (girls), Dinosaurs (boys)

  • Best Moment

    All of it!

  • What People Ate

    Pizza, fruit, snack mix, pasta

  • What People Drank

    juice boxes, water, tea, punch



  • no photo

    Sydney A wrote:

    where did you get these mini ponies? so cute

  • no photo

    Katie N wrote:

    Hi, A lot of these pony's were one's that came from McDonald's happy meal toys. About once a year or so they come out with them and I had saved a bunch of new ones. I also bought some off of ebay... Hope this info helps!

  • Joy J

    Joy J wrote:

    How did you get the suckers like that?

  • no photo

    Katie N wrote:

    Hi. I bought a round styrofoam ball from a craft store and cut it to fit inside (then glued the bottom to stick to the pot) and then just pushed all the little "dum-dum" pops into it to give it a nice round shape.

  • Frances B

    Frances B wrote:

    i see minty! my fave. cute idea, AND affordable vs others i seen.