Party Recap

I was never able to have a big party as I was growing up, so for my 30th I decided to take the Bull by the horns and throw my own "Double Quince" Party. Normally, A Quince is for young ladies turning 15, but since I was turning 30 I made it my own catch phrase and went from there... Hope you enjoy!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Black and White Formal Attire was a MUST, and of course... i wore RED!

  • Desserts

    instead of cake, i had cupcakes :)

  • Best Moment

    During a Quince, traditionally there is a dance, and, well, I had my Double Quince Court do a dance with me! That HAD to be the BEST part of the night. But before I made my GRAND entrance, my brother in-law made me a “True Hollywood Story” skit with pictures and interviews about me… It was such a GREAT night!



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    Lene D wrote:

    The Party decorations look great!!!

  • Jeanette C

    Jeanette C wrote:

    I love this party...where did you get the cutouts?

  • Adriana V

    Adriana V wrote:


  • Samantha L

    Samantha L wrote:

    Where can i purchase this banner?

  • Melena P

    Melena P wrote:

    i ordered them through Shindigz.com !

  • Irene R

    Irene R wrote:

    I like your backdrop, where can I find one like this?

  • Melena P

    Melena P wrote:


  • Melena P

    Melena P wrote:

    i found them online... they are a bit pricey, but all the picture look VERY realistic once you take a pcture with your camera with people infront... they do shipping and they are great to rent or buy from!

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    Zafir L wrote:

    This totallu inspired me for my 30th, thank you so much!

  • Melena P

    Melena P wrote:

    Hey! when you hit 30, its a great time to party and make it all about YOU!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful birthday! this night was sooooooooooooo much fun!!!!

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    Delrina D wrote: