Modern Gray and Yellow "Feather Her Nest" Shower

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Party Recap


~ white backdrop for the buffet table with yellow matted, black and white pictures of the mommy-to-be
~ buffet table was flanked with silver lamps, and I used a custom made yellow overlay over the white tablecloth that matched the three yellow table runners I made for the long rectangular table where the guests sat
~ the food labels were printed on white cardstock and anchored with home grown eggs that I blew out the white and yolks, and then painted the coordinating yellow
~ I used a silver cupcake stand for the dessert, and instead of using the top tier for an angel food cupcake, I placed an oversized cardboard egg, also painted the coordinating yellow as a "cake topper"
~ at the drink station, I used a glass punch decanter for the lemonade, and yellow acrylic pitcher for the ice water
~ each table runner was laid across the table horizontally and a centerpiece of a #10 size silver can held branches that I spray painted gray and clipped on a small yellow bird which were anchored in lemons (which repeated the color scheme and evoked an egg shape)
~ egg and feather front door sign that read "be 'tweet' and enter through the side gate"
~ white lights criss-crossing above the entry path for when it got dark (this was a dinner that started when it was light, but ended at dark)
~ shepherd's hooks lined the pathway from the gray and yellow sign in book (from Michael's) and gift table to the buffet. I stretched silver organza between the hooks, and each one held alternating yellow and white rice paper lanterns
~ I used yellow plates, and clear forks that were displayed in a silver mint julep type cup, and clear plastic tumblers

The soundtrack:

An assortment of modern jazz with female singers including:
~ Yael Naim
~ Madeleine Peyroux
~ Adele
~ Colbie Caillat
~ Zooey Deschanel

The menu:

The dinner was a light open house buffet style meal with
~ grilled chicken caesar salad
~ onion and plain bread sticks
~ lemon curd tarts in cream cheese dough shells
~ individual angel food cakes served with sweet cream on the side
~ sparkling lemonade and ice water with lemon slices


~ first, dinner and socializing
~ as the guests were finishing up their desserts, I introduced the game where they had to guess how the mommy-to-be would answer these words/phrases
~ the winner who had the most matches received a jar of the homemade lemon curd that was served in the tarts covered with the yellow fabric used for the table linens and recipe attached with yellow ribbon

~ then the gift opening and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the cute baby things

It was a good night.


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