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Modern Dinosaur Party

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Party Recap

My mini paleontologist has become quite the expert on all things dinosaur, so we were so excited to plan a modern take on these prehistoric creatures that he has grown to love. The idea for the party started when we found these wooden dinosaur puzzles in the dollar bin at Target. We then went online and found all of his favorite dinosaurs and began planning the party around dinosaur skeletons/fossils. We created a backdrop with fossils on it to match the wooden dinos and made fun little hats for them to wear. Another project was to make little dinosaur planters that held succulents that we cut up and spray painted to match the party colors. The dino dig and egg hunt were a huge hit and it looked like the kids had a great time.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    The carnivores had dino shaped chicken nuggets and sandwiches and the herbivores had fruit salad and sides.

  • Desserts

    Candy that looked like boulders, rocks and stones. Chocolate pudding cups layered to look like the earth. Dinosaur gummies, therapod footprint cookies, and a cake with mud oozing down the sides.

  • Party Favors

    We made little excavation kits that included a plastic dinosaur, digging tools and brushes.

  • Activities / Games

    The main feature of the party was a dino dig, that included dinosaur skeletons, amber beads, gems and shells for the kids to keep. We also had a dinosaur egg hunt, and the kids got to roam the park searching for dino eggs filled with little plastic dinos, tattoos and rings. There was also dinosaur tails and masks for the kids to wear while they ran around on the park pretending to be dinosaurs.


Party Helpers



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    Kelly C wrote:

    Can you provide any more details on the therapod footprint cookies & chocolate pudding? Also the candy rock.... thanks!

  • Emily H

    Emily H wrote:

    I love your therapod footprint cookies! I used them in the treat bags at my son's party and mentioned your party design in my blog here: