Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    cookies and cream cupcakes, chocolate and yellow butter cake, ice cream

  • Activities / Games

    pin the bow on minnie

  • Party Favors

    bags filled with disney coloring books, crayons, and candy

  • What People Ate

    minnie mouse chicken nuggets, minnie shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips and dip, fruit, cake, and cupcakes



  • no photo

    Diane P wrote:

    Love these! Where did you get t Them?

  • Kelli M

    Kelli M wrote:

    I ordered them from Etsy, but I wouldn't recommend the seller (confettydesigns). They were too big and the bows were just pinned on with safety pins! If you search "minnie mouse bloomers" on etsy though, there are several different vendors that can make the same product! :)

  • no photo

    Felicia O wrote:

    i love that can you please tell me how you make it thanks felicia2719@yahoo.com thanks

  • no photo

    Kelli M wrote:

    Thanks! It took A LOT of hot glue!! :) Basically, I bought 3 round floral foam discs from the dollar store and cut two of them to be smaller than the third (it doesn't have to be perfect because the suckers will hide your imperfections). I hot glued them together to form the mouse shape and glued the bow (cut from my cricut) to the back. After I had my shape, but before gluing to the base, I began sticking the suckers in – starting from the middle and working my way out. Each sucker will poke a hole (really easily) in the foam, so you will have a mess of foam on your hands! I did this before gluing to the base just to make sure it looked the way I wanted (without breaking) before I finalized my project. ? But be sure to remove those suckers before you start gluing or else they may get stuck too! For the base, I just happened to have a dollar store picture frame that I took the glass out of laying around. In order for the suckers not to fall out, I realized the mouse had to lean back a little bit. So I cut some stems off a couple of the suckers and glued the foam mouse to the sticks like crazy. (This is where you’ll use A LOT of glue!) To get the right support, be sure to have both the mouse and sticks at an angle – forming a tepee (^) shape. Simultaneously, I glued the bottom of the mouse and the sucker sticks to the glass as well. When it began to stand on its own, I still added more glue just for support! (I told you I used a lot of hot glue!) ? After drying, I stuck my suckers back in (it was easier this time because the holes were already there to be my guideline). Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions & good luck with your party planning!!

  • Janelle W

    Janelle W wrote:

    Where u get the shirt from

  • no photo

    Kelli M wrote:

    My red Minnie shirt? I got it at The Disney Store in our local mall.