Party Recap

Celebrating out daughter's 3rd birthday


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Hot dogs, pork, beef, salads, fruit, roasted garlic peppers and more

  • Desserts

    Ice cream and cake

  • Party Favors

    Mickey Travel tumblers

  • Activities / Games

    Jumpy House


Party Helpers



  • no photo

    Kacy S wrote:

    these cups are adorable! where did you find them?

  • Polkaprints C

    Polkaprints C wrote:

    I got them online at disneystore.com. The are the Summer Brights Mickey Mouse Tumbler with Straw.

  • no photo

    Kacy S wrote:

    ok thank you! they are so cute!

  • no photo

    Chantel S wrote:

    I'm thinking of doing this for my son's birthday. What did you paint the foam with?

  • Polkaprints C

    Polkaprints C wrote:

    I painted them with acrylic paint using a basic paint brush on styrofoam balls from craft store.

  • no photo

    E A wrote:

    Where did you get these party hats?

  • Rebecca P

    Rebecca P wrote:

    can you please explain how you hung backdrop?

  • no photo

    Luisa C wrote:

    Where did you Get this great card?

  • no photo

    Luisa C wrote:

    Did you buy these or print them?

  • no photo

    Dana A wrote:

    yes please! and also what material u used to make it! (the background) Really appreciate it, thanks!

  • Cynthia D

    Cynthia D wrote:

    Beautiful party!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hiral P

    Hiral P wrote:

    Yes how did you hang the back drop and what is it made of. Also how did the pom poms stayed on the backdrop

  • Polkaprints C

    Polkaprints C wrote:

    The backdrop is just blue fabric attached to the wall with clouds cut out of white paper and stuck on. The pom poms were hung from the ceiling with fishing string.

  • Hilda J

    Hilda J wrote:

    What size styrofoam did you use for the head and ears?

  • no photo

    Lauren C wrote:

    How did you do the Oreos for the cupcakes?

  • Stacey I

    Stacey I wrote:

    Just wondering what you used to tie around the utensils?

  • Polkaprints C

    Polkaprints C wrote:

    Ribbon with a circle cut out attached of mickey