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Micah's 5th Birthday

Megan S By Megan S  in Birthday


Party Recap

I planned this party for 3 months. Every thing was handmade from the sewn table cloth to the streamers to the pinata. It was such a blast to see how much everyone enjoyed the theme and played along.
We had a photo booth area complete with handmade props. Two games, a yoshi egg hunt and a fire ball toss. An awesome handpainted "?" pinata filled with bubble gum coins and mario candies. We had a candy table themed around diffrent characters. We really wanted to play up the mustach's so I made a ton of them. I used sticky felt for some, cut some out of craft foam and glued to sticks and also glued some to straws too for beverages. The cake was done for us by a family member which turned out to be a special gift for the birthday boy.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Mommy for sure!

  • Desserts

    cake, italian ice, candy

  • Activities / Games

    Yoshi egg hunt, Fireball toss, "?" pinata, sand table, coloring

  • Budget

    Less than $500

  • Party Favors

    "?" boxes filled with goodies, mustach's, and books wrapped in "?" paper

  • Best Moment

    Watching Micah being sung too!

  • What People Ate

    Luigi's Italian Ice, hoggie, salad, wings, meatballs, mac n cheese, PB&J and candy

  • What People Drank

    Tea, lemonade, juice, water

  • Most Touching Moment

    Micah thanking me and giving me a kiss and hug in the middle of the party

  • Funniest Moment

    His reaction to certain gifts

  • Best decoration

    Piranha plant candy holder


Party Helpers



  • Behar Party Designs *

    Behar Party Designs * wrote:

    How ingenious!!!

  • no photo

    Meagan B wrote:

    I have been playing my son's Mario party for a few months now.....OBSESSED. Where did you get the hats? Did you make them?

  • Megan S

    Megan S wrote:

    Thanks Meagan! The hats are one of the few things I didn't make. I ordered them from ebay. It was a great deal. Both hats for 16$. My boys are going to be Mario & Luigi for halloween too so they have multiple uses for us. I was going to make them but for that cheap I was able to buy them for less than it would of cost me to make. I did google patterns for the hats and there are a few on the internet. Also I know some people sell them on etsy. Happy planning!-Megan

  • Monica M

    Monica M wrote:

    Is this made out of Styrofoam? If so could you tell me how to make this please. Your help is greatly appreciated. I love all the stuff you did for this party!

  • Megan S

    Megan S wrote:

    HI Monica I cut a triangle into a styrofoam ball, painted it and added felt spots and teeth. Covered the rim with a rope for the lips. Then painted a tera cotta pot and wooden rod found at the craft store or walmart. Weighed it down with rocks to hold it down from tipping covered it in paper crinkles and filled with gum ball eggs! Hope this helps. Have fun and good luck with your party : )

  • no photo

    Melissa G wrote:

    Where did you find the print to make these boxes?

  • no photo

    Yvette C wrote:

    Cute hats! Where did you get these?

  • no photo

    Yvette C wrote:

    Nice invites! Where did you order these from?

  • no photo

    By Sherry Paper Creations Etsy E wrote:

    Hi Melissa! They were purchased in my Etsy shop here: Thanks!

  • Dana H

    Dana H wrote:

    Where did you find the base for the pops? That is a great idea....