Party Recap

My little sister was graduating high school, so I volunteered to throw her a party. I had a very limited budget, so everything was DIY as well as using things I already had. I kept everything under $100 and the party turned out great!
You can see more details on my blog!:


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Chocolate and strawberry cupcakes, candy pops, chocolate and strawberry pirouhettes, fruit with dip, white sheet cake (Costco)

  • Activities / Games

    I asked each guest to write something or draw a picture for her. I provided notecards and crayons. I also encouraged guests to draw on the tables, which were all covered with butcher paper.

  • What People Ate

    Turkey and ham wraps filled with various veggies and cheese (some included ranch, honey mustard or a cream cheese mixture), various chips and dip.

  • What People Drank

    Bottled water & soda.



  • Juanita C

    Juanita C wrote:

    These are SO cute! How did you get them to stay together?

  • no photo

    Peggy P wrote:

    Juanita, the tops are 'glued' on the pb cups with a little extra melted chocolate. Very rich (and I don't even want to know how many calories, lol!) but tasty! :o)

  • Melissa I

    Melissa I wrote:

    what did you use as the square part of the cap?

  • no photo

    Peggy P wrote:

    Melissa, I actually bought a candy mold (was under $2) for these. The 'recipe' used candy squares that were purchased at Cost Plus (I believe). I think it's much more cost efficient if you go with a candy mold. If you don't have a local store, there are lots of places online you can buy molds for pretty cheap. HTH! :o)

  • Heidi M

    Heidi M wrote:

    Such a great idea to use the table cover to name the dishes!!

  • Heidi M

    Heidi M wrote:

    Love the clothespin idea as well!

  • no photo

    Peggy P wrote:

    Thanks, Heidi! I was trying to go for a kind of casual feel, and the guest-of-honor is into art, so that seemed to go pretty well. :o)

  • Haidee S

    Haidee S wrote:

    super adorable!!!! were the squares a mold?

  • no photo

    Peggy P wrote:

    Haidee, yes I used a candy mold I bought from our local cake shop (under $2). It turned out to be the perfect size & was much less expensive than buying candy squares! :o)

  • no photo

    Phyllis K wrote:

    What did you use for the base?

  • no photo

    Peggy P wrote:

    Phyllis, the base is a styrofoam block (bought at the Dollar Tree) that I covered in scrapbook paper. :o)

  • Julie L

    Julie L wrote:

    Would you tell me how to make the graduation cap cake pops please? My email is zcctraylor@aol.com. Thanks, Julie Lewis

  • Mary M

    Mary M wrote:

    I am also trying to find some instructions on how to make the graduation cap pops.