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Mason's 5th Birthday Party

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Party Recap

I set up 2 tables for my son's dinosaur party based around the green and purple colour scheme of a gorgeous bunting that I had won in a facebook competition from 'Custom Made Buntings'. After I had already started planning the party around this bunting I also came across a fantastic dinosaur printable bunting designed by 'Whimsical Printables' which I fell in love with, so decided to use them both.

On the table we served purple and green Dinosaur cookies by 'Sweet Art by Bek', plus I made cake pops, a bucket of 'Rocky Fudge Mountain', Dino-bones (white chocolate finger skeletons on sticks), layered green and purple jelly, custom wrapped mini chocolate bars and an assortment of chips, popcorn and colour co-ordinated lollies. I also did a healthy platter for 'The Herbivores' which included strawberries and mini dip and carrot pots plus a cute dinosaur wreath that I made after seeing something similar on Whimsical Printables blog ~ mine had a huge dinosaur eye stuck to the back to look like a dinosaur was peeking through a keyhole. The birthday cake was a simple layered green ombre vanilla cake covered in buttercream icing and smarties with edible chocolate rocks around the base - it also had a mini bunting that I made to match the rest of the table. Chocolate milk, Dinosaur poppers and water served in a large dispenser were on offer for the children to drink.

We played musical dinosaurs, pass-the-parcel, whack the pinata, had a donut eating competition with donuts tied by string to the rafters and kids had their hands behind their backs (so hysterical!) and finished up with a 'Dino Egg Hunt', the children found numbered eggs we had hidden around the garden and brought them back, each number corresponded to a numbered jar whcih we had filled with little crayons, marbles and hair ties from the $2 shop. I had glued plastic dinosaur toys to the lid of each jar and then spray-painted them green or purple.

At the end of the party, each child was given a brown paper bag decorated in purple and green dinosaur footprints with their name printed on the front and told to fill up the bag from the lollies on the dessert table.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    layered ombre green vanilla cake with buttercream icing and smarties

  • Activities / Games

    Donut eating comp, treasure hunt, whack the dino pinata, pass-the-parcel

  • Party Favors

    Jars filled with little favours (bubbles, polastic toys, balloons, crayons etc) with plastic dinosaurs glued to the lids and then spray painted

  • What People Ate

    Dinosaur pops & bones, chips, popcorn, party pies, Dinosaur jelly and eggs

  • What People Drank

    Chocolate milks and Dinosaur juice poppers



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    Jane C wrote:

    Looks great!

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    Jane C wrote:

    The face painting is amazing

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    Jane C wrote:

    Did you make these? Stuck dinosaurs on the lids and then sprayed them in paint?

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    Jane C wrote:

    Sorry, just reread your overview of how you did it. Excellent idea!

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    I love the burlap bags. Will share where you got them?

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    Thanks Jane :)

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    Of course :) I got them on-line from

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    Hi,, where did u get the container of the popcorn?