Party Recap

When one of our girls turned 5 and was obsessed with unicorns, we knew we had to throw an epic themed party! Bring on all of the rainbows, bright decorations, sweets and magical activities!
We ended up using a lot of blues, purples, and pinks + rainbows to tie it all together. We would like to say this was fully planned, but we mostly went off of what the birthday girl picked out as we were shopping. Gold accents were also added throughout to add a bit of sparkle wherever possible.

As soon as the little ladies arrived they found out what their special unicorn name was! This was a cute and easy printable sheet that we found on Etsy (you can see a similar item @papersparklesdiy). The girls picked the words that matched up with the first letter of their first name and the month they were born, then filled out name tags so they could use their names throughout the party. The birthday girls unicorn name was “Chocolate Passion Flower” - that was a hit!

After learning their name, the girls were able to adopt a pet unicorn. Each girl picked a unicorn plush from our adoption bin and then filled out a Certificate of Adoption (girls name, unicorn name and signature). They loved carrying their new babies around with them throughout the rest of the party!

After getting some sugar in their systems, it was time for makeup and nails. During our shopping day, we stopped by Five Below and found some great themed items in their beauty section - unicorn horn brushes, pastel lip gloss, shimmery eyeshadow, nail polish and face glitter - for some extra shine! We set up stations - one for nails and the other for makeup. The girls loved picking out the specific shades of each item and every girl had a slightly personalized look!

Lastly, we sent the girls outside to get some fresh air while they used icing to decorate unicorn horns (ice cream cones)! This activity was a breeze to setup and the girls put all of their effort into making these masterpieces. The cones were placed on top of cupcakes and held in place by the cupcake icing. We then sat the cupcakes on paint pallet trays and filled each of the tray wells with various icing colors, sprinkles and chocolate chips.
Quick tip: I asked our local grocery store (who made our cake and cupcakes) to provide me with separate containers of the same icing that was used on the cupcakes. This made it super easy to dish out the icing into the tray when it was time for the activity!

After we sang happy birthday, the birthday girl blew out her candles and the kids were able to run out their sugar high before heading home :)

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Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    - oversized marshmallows dipped in pink chocolate -unicorn poop - rainbow cheesecake dip with vanilla wafers -unicorn popcorn - birthday cake -misc. colorful candies

  • What People Drank

    -water -juice -soda

  • Party Favors

    Unicorn horns, stuffed "adopted" unicorn and candy

  • Activities / Games

    - adopt a unicorn - decorate an edible unicorn horn - find your unicorn name


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