"Madeline In Paris" Inspired Birthday Party

Kate L By Kate L  in Birthday


Party Recap

This was a darling party I created for a client, with a "Madeline" inspired theme, based off the birthday girl's favorite storybook series of that little french girl in Paris. I designed the party to help each girl feel as if they were "Madeline"--they all received custom capelets (with personalized tags, and hair bows to match) in a French Clothing Shoppe, they enjoyed ribbon candy and other sweets from the Candy Shoppe, they decorated their own floral masterpieces on canvases at The Flower Shoppe, colored in The Book & Toy Shoppe, and received darling small red suitcases to transport their goodies with them through the Parisian Marketplace. They ate in "Madeline"'s dining hall, and enjoyed a gorgeous yellow fondant hat birthday cake. It was truly a charming party, and was a joy to create!


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