Mad Hatter Fondue Surprise (Un)Birthday Dinner Party

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Party Recap

A crazy "Mad Hatter Fondue (Un)Birthday" Dinner Party, which was a surprise for a friend's husband. She asked me to organise a mad, silly theme, where everyone would somehow be taking part in it, without even trying! So, we gave everyone funny hats to wear - it was certainly a conversation starter!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Swiss Cheese Fondue... and more cheese fondue... Until we were totally mad about cheese!

  • What People Drank

    Mulled wine by the log fire outside... white fondue wine... Schnapps... Grappa... more wine... and tea to help digestion

  • Best Moment

    Watching the (un)Birthday boys face, as everyone shouted out SURRRRRRRPRISE! He was truly surprised!

  • Most Touching Moment

    ...I think I saw the birthday boy shed a tear of joy! (but shhhhhh, lets keep that between you and I!)

  • Best Dressed

    The Mad Hatter Birthday Boy of course - he was donning his crazy mad top hat and looking very Wonderland-like indeed

  • Desserts

    Orange slices and prunes... and a side helping of "Luft Torte" (air cake) made or meringues and cream and even more heavenly whipped cream

  • Party Favors

    Each guest received a bottle of "Take me" Prosecco, so they could continue the party at home... a bottle of "Drink me" Water (to aid their sore heads the next day)... and a bag of "Eat me" chocolate eggs, to make them as cuckoo as the mad hatter!

  • Activities / Games

    Eating fondue is like playing one biiiig loooong game: if you drop the bread in the pot, you have to buy everyone a round of drinks!


    The tough part with this theme, was that it is usually very girlie, so my biggest challenge was to make it macho yet still silly and fun! I therefore decided on using "manly colours" (those are my husbands words! haha), which were navy, red and mustard yellow. I chose a chevron printed pattern too, instead of using too many red hearts and wanted to incorporate the original pictures from the Alice in Wonderland book. And this is what I came up with....


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