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Luke’s Jurassic Birthday Party

Cassidy C By Cassidy C  in Birthday


Party Recap

So much fun! I covered the entryway with hanging vines along the wall and various greenery hanging from the ceiling, a Dino nest with giant “dinosaur eggs”, and a “velociraptor containment” area… dry ice made for a FUN swampy smoke effect, and dinosaur sound effects were playing over a small speaker by the front door as our little party guests arrived. Then it was off on a Dinosaur Egg Hunt (camo colored Easter Eggs pre-filled with tiny toy dinosaurs purchased on Amazon) around the backyard. After the hunt, they put on their archeologist hats and ventured to the Dino Dig Site to dig for Dino bones… they had to make it across the Tar & Lava pit without falling in (2x4 8ft long wood beam propped up on cinder blocks with crumpled black garbage bags and a red plastic tablecloth underneath to look like lava and shiny “tar”). The Volcano Cakes, Dino bone cookies, and “amber” lollipops we made were all a yummy hit with our guests (all recipes and tutorials are viewable in my Instagram reels and Jurassic Party highlight @Cassidy.C.Clark ), and our birthday boy felt special and loved as everyone sans “Happy Birthday” to him around his chocolate “dirt and rocks” cake with a pterodactyl flying overhead. Magic!!!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Volcano Cakes (mini chocolate Bundt cakes with red frosting and orange sugar sprinkles); Dino Bone cookies (chocolate sugar cookies with white royal icing bones); homemade “Amber” Lollipops with black licorice “mosquitos” encased inside; a chocolate cake with “dirt and rocks” (cake crumbs and chocolate candy rocks) for the birthday boy; Cheese pizza - the birthday boy’s favorite - was served before the treats!

  • What People Drank

    Water (with dry ice for a fun “smoke” effect) - ***dry ice pieces were removed from cups before guests drank their water..****

  • Desserts

    Mini Lava Cakes Dino Bone Cookies “Amber” Lollipops Chocolate “Dirt & Rocks” Cake

  • Party Favors

    Each guest receives a small handles bag to keep their “treasures” in - dino eggs from our dinosaur egg hunt and plastic dinosaur skeletons from our Dino Dig

  • Activities / Games

    Backyard Dinosaur Egg Hunt Dino Dig Site - digging for dinosaur bones “Tar & Lava” Pit Obstacle Balance Beam


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