Party Recap

It was so much fun to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Luke with a Gone Fishin' theme! He is already Daddy's little man!


Party Helpers



  • Brittany S

    Brittany S wrote:

    Really, really cute details! LOVE the bobber marshmallows!

  • Jennifer T

    Jennifer T wrote:

    Thanks Brittany!

  • no photo

    Sandra M wrote:

    love these, how did you do these

  • Jennifer T

    Jennifer T wrote:

    Hey Sandra :) I took the big campfire marshmallows and melted red candy melts. Dipped half the marshmallow in the red chocolate, and set on wax paper to dry. Then I took white buttercream frosting and the red raspberry candies (come in black and red) and stuck on top with a small squirt of buttercream in a pastry bag....Simple!!!