Party Recap

Our theme was Dr. Seuss. I got tons of ideas from Pinterest and Catch my Party. Thank you all! It was bright, cheerful, and best of all fun!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Green Eggs and ham rolls, poodles with noodles (pasta salad) hot dogs rolled on a spool(pigs in blanket), goldfish, zipper's zip chips, roast beast (roast beef rolls), Truffela fruit, whoo fluff (fruit dip), and greens and things

  • What People Drank

    Yink Pink Ink Drink

  • Desserts

    Thing 1 and 2 cupcakes and Cat in the Hat cake and Cat in the Hat sugar cookies

  • Party Favors

    Dr. Seuss flash cards, crayons, bookmark, bubbles, whampwhistlers, goldfish bags, and cat in hat sugar cookies.

  • Activities / Games

    Baby pool with Dr. seuss fish in it for fishing came, bubbles, .....rain earlier put a damper on games


Party Helpers


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